Top Ways To Reward Great Employees

The heart of every business is its people. Without great employees, there won't be loyal customers that bring surefire profits to any business. That is why it is recommended to give incentives and rewards to motivate them to always be at their best. Here are some ways to appreciate your top performing employees:


Give them plaque or certificate of appreciation


This piece of paper works wonders especially if you want to boost the morale of your employee. Give this as you conclude your company meeting, townhall or huddle and you will see how this public recognition impacts your employees in a good way.


Offer group incentives for projects completed before deadline


You can give team outing, spa parties, exclusive movie showing and anything that your team is interested to do as a reward for a job well done. 


Get suggestions and recommendations from employees themselves


All you need is to announce a system that your employees can follow so you can get suggestions from them. You can use the old suggestion box method or your company intranet for this purpose.


Do you have other suggestions on how to reward great employees?


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