How To Get Feedback From Your Customers

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If yes, then you have to know what aspects to improve about it. Here are some ideas on how to get honest feedback from your loyal customers today.

Create a club exclusively for your loyal customers. Take the concept from the millionaires club. Group your most loyal customers and schedule a time to meet them over lunch. They would definitely love the idea of an intimate get together where all of you can talk about your business, what works well and how to improve some aspects of it.

Use your website to get feedback online. If you already have a website, then use the contact section to get their comments and suggestions. You can also create another page dedicated for their feedback. Just make sure to read these comments before you start your shift so that you can easily address some concerns especially if these fall under urgent matters.

Give a token if you prefer to give random feedback cards to your customers. This works well for those in the restaurant or other in store business. You can provide a little treat like a baked goodie for restaurants or a sample product from your existing collection. They will appreciate your kind gesture and in turn, will encourage them to provide honest feedback on your products and services.

Tap the power of social media. Most of the people nowadays love to upload their own videos and post pictures on their social media accounts. Why not use this for feedback purposes? Of course a little token like an online voucher or a printable coded discount card will be a good way to say thank you for their time.



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