What You Need To Know About Hiring A Business Mentor

Not all entrepreneurs are comfortable with the idea of having a business mentor. Some think that hiring one is an additional expense. Others think they’ll lose the freedom to make their own business decisions with someone around telling them what they ought to do and not do.


Business mentors are often mistaken as friends or family members who are willing to give a piece of their mind and invest a part of their savings in the enterprise of an entrepreneur relative. Business mentors are actually industry veterans who will say point blank the positive and negative areas of your company. They can provide encouragement when need be. But their main job is to provide indispensable advice that can keep your business up and thriving.


If you are a novice entrepreneur, you can get a qualified business mentor any time you deem it important. Doing so in the early stages of your endeavor can keep you from falling into common traps which make newbie businessmen lose control of their operations right away. 

To do this, begin by examining your weak points. Examine your personality as well. Get to know a pool of mentors and study their individual credentials and personalities. You must understand that learning from a mentor is also a kind of relationship. This relationship has to be a harmonious one in order for you to benefit from it. Some mentors forget to break free from the dictator style of coaching. Avoid them specifically if you share a similar characteristic because both of you will probably clash.


Ideally, a business mentor should ask insightful questions and provide information that can guide entrepreneurs in the effective management of their businesses. He or she must not impose what must be done, rather he or she must bring into light important points in business operations the clients could be missing. 


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