Four Steps to Eliminating Distraction in Your Entrepreneurial Life

Many entrepreneurs today are losing great opportunities to bring their businesses to the next level. This is because they willingly give into the distractions around them. Avoiding these distractions is quite challenging especially now that our culture today presents all sorts of interruption. Nevertheless, doing so is possible with the right action plan.


1) Understand that distractions come with a cost.


Distractions will keep you from being productive. Note the number of hours you lose to distractions in a day. How much do you earn in an hour? Multiply hourly rate to the number of hours you weren't able to work in a week, a month and a year. You will be surprised how big the amount is. By understanding the cost of distraction, you will less likely take it likely.


2) Go for a time lock.


Lock yourself up in your office for specific hours to do things that will increase your productivity. This important in disciplining yourself not to be vulnerable to interruptions and other avoidable emergencies. However, you must politely explain to your customers and employees why you're doing this so that they will not get offended by your actions.


3) Master your mind.


Train your mind to focus. This is quite difficult to do as the mind can freely soar when it wants too. Clear your mind of anything before you put your hands into work.


4) Allocate time for fun.


Once you have acquired the art of time locking, you will have more time to spare for other things. Allocate your spare time for activities that will help you develop creative skills and  love life more. 


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