Public Speaking 101: How Every Entrepreneur Can Be a Good Speaker

Every entrepreneur must strive to be a good speaker because speaking is key to building yourself as authority your niche. A good speaker has the ability to engage his audience and keep them attentive until the end of the presentation. While drawing your audience's attention is important, it is not enough to make every single person to  listen to you and capture your message. Do you want to be a better speaker in your next speaking engagement? Follow these tips.

Stick with the allotted time. People hate overtimes especially when a couple or more speakers will be presenting after you. Keep your talk short and sweet. Take less time than what is allotted to you. This will allow you to have a Q&A session towards the end of your turn. This will make the audience alive enough to take part of the discussion and give some feedback.

State the objective behind your presentation immediately. The audience deserves an overview of your topic. Doing so will arouse their interest and motivate them to think.

Maintain a good posture. Standing straight creates an impression that you're knowledgeable and confident about your topic. Refrain from moving back and forth so that the audience stay focused on you. Don't be still though. Your energy as a speaker determines the energy levels of your audience. An active and energetic speaker always manages to keep the audience interested.

Encourage audience participation. Besides encouraging them to ask questions, incorporate games and quizzes during your discussion. Don't forget to reward those who takes part, wins or gets the correct answers to your questions. 

Use media and props. These enables you to better communicate aspects of your presentation especially if you're presenting new concepts or terms or if you're topic is quite technical to understand.

Tell a story. Enhance your presentation with your personal story. This makes your discussion more credible and interesting for the audience.

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