Collaborate with Your Team Observing These Tips

Collaboration is important to a business that is growing in size. Growth involves additional teams which could be serving your company from another country. Read these tips on collaboration to ensure smooth business operations and achieved business goals.


Model collaborative behavior. This should be modeled by your senior team or staff. The perceived behavior of senior employees plays a significant role in determining the level of cooperation junior teams are willing to give. You can request your team leaders to know and to be trained for all the management tasks so that they can fill in for each other when absences arise. This allows you to have smooth business operations at all times. This also encourages each employee to cover for each other wholeheartedly.

Assign task-oriented and relationship-oriented leaders. Task-oriented leaders have the ability to make objectives clear and to create a shared awareness of the dimensions of varied tasks. They also provide good monitoring and important feedback. On the other hand, relationship-oriented leaders have the ability to encourage their employees to share their knowledge as the former provide an environment of goodwill and trust. Both types of leaders are needed to build successful teams. However, many business owners think that relationship-oriented leaders are more appropriate for complex teams.

Create a culture of coaching and mentoring in your company. Coaching and mentoring must become part of the leaders and employees daily routine at work. In a formal coaching setup, there must be clear objectives, roles and responsibilities for every team member. A less formal type of training can be done without these. Gentle and outright correction for any task that's been poorly done is part and parcel of this type of coaching.


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