4 Smart Techniques to Stay Focused and Productive

Are you a victim of multitasking? Well, most entrepreneurs are. We tend to multitask because we want to accomplish a lot of things in less time. In certain cases, multitasking somehow brings this goal to realization. But, it diminishes the quality of your performance and the quality of your work's results. 

Adding structure to your daily tasks is far more effective than multitasking. It will allow you to focus and work quickly. Hence, you complete more tasks than expected.

1) Cultivate an attitude of acceptance. Accept all the tasks on your plate. regardless of how you got them or of who gave you them to you. Some tasks might be more complicated than others. Don’t complain. Believe that you can accomplish them all.

2) Strategize. Obviously, you need to take on the task one by one. Don’t be tempted to start your tasks all at the same time. For each task, think of the best ways to accomplish it effectively. Set a deadline for each task. Allocate appropriate hours to each procedure you’re going to do to accomplish the task.

3) Avoid distractions. Distractions may come in different forms - noise, people, fun and other responsibilities. If get easily distracted by noise, confine yourself in a quiet place or plug classical music into your ears. The human brain can remain focused or work continuously for three hours. Take quick ten minute breaks every three hours just to relax your mind.

4) Don’t stop unless you’re done. Do you have the habit of putting off something whenever you feel bored or tired? Well, this habit cannot get your tasks finished. This will also keep you from accomplishing more. Remain seated on your desk and focused on your task until you’re completely done. 

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