Memory Sticks - A Trendy Way for Your Business to be Remembered

If you're planning to give away tokens of appreciation to your loyal customers during the holidays, think about the items which can be useful to them at work or at home. People usually remember the giver of the useful things they receive for free. And that is a good marketing strategy for your business.

Flash drives or memory sticks have become the favorite freebies or gifts among online users. Those who receive them feel overcome by the experience. Hence, the name of the giver company is imprinted in their minds for a long time.

Whether printed with your business logo or pre-loaded with a soft copy of your sales material, these storage devices function as great advertising tools. While most people already own one or two memory sticks, they can always make room for another one especially when you're offering a stick that has 8GB capacity.

Besides giving your free memory sticks during marketing events, they can also be given out during client meetings. You can impress your prospect customers by storing in these flash drives your materials for discussion. Instructing them to keep the memory sticks will allow them to retrieve the important details of the meeting at their convenience. If your USB giveaways hold ample memory, they can still use these gadgets to store their own personal files. Whenever they do so, they will be reminded of your brand as your logo flashes before their eyes when inserting or removing these file savers off their computers.

Ready to customize these sticks for your marketing campaign? Remember these insights.

  • Understand that the memory sticks sold in bulk by different suppliers vary in quality. They can come in the form of fake flash chips or Grade A original ones.
  • Ask the help of a professional. When get presented with a well-packaged and good-looking set of memory sticks, the task of spotting the original ones will be much harder.
  • If you specify that you need high performance memory sticks, you will be offered with brand names like Samsung or Transcend.
photo credits: branded usb flash dot com
photo credits: branded usb flash dot com

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