Short SEO Checklist for Business Websites

photo credit: web seo analytics
photo credit: web seo analytics

Do you have a newly built website for your business? You will definitely take the time and effort to get your website noticed in your niche. Here is an SEO checklist that can help you with that.

Keyword Research – Before you get into the details of building your website, do a quick keyword research related to your industry. These keywords or key phrases are the search terms through which your potential visitors slash customers can reach your website. You can use the free tools online like Google's Keyword Planner to look for appropriate search terms related to your niche and their corresponding monthly searches.

Well-Optimized Domain Name – As much as possible insert your primary keyword in your domain name. This is proven to be an effective promotion for your website. Every related keyword search will automatically be directed to your website. Do not make it too long or too short. Keeping it in the sixty-three character range is safe. If the exact keyword for your domain name is already used, utilize a phrase that includes it. Moreover, consider a web 2.0 type of domain name just to ensure that your primary keyword is still there.

Valuable And Well-Optimized Content – So, you already have a target market in mind. Take time to research about their interests and needs. What do they search about when they go online? Put all these information together and create a content that would be helpful for your audience. For one, it could be tips on putting an end to their recurring problem. This can make them happy and hungry for more information from your website.

Having content that is well-optimized or visible in the eyes of the search engines must be included in your SEO checklist. Here is where the importance of keywords sets in once more. As you write your web content, insert in them your keywords. Do not overdo this though.  Be strategic in their placement.

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