7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Opening a small business definitely has its ups and downs, particularly during the first few months. But you don’t need to let your prospective customers know about your early struggles. Your start up can be successful from the outset if you have the right strategies in place. Here are some tips to help make your small business look substantial and attract your target market right from the start. 

1) Build a great website. Your website is your first point of contact with your potential clients. So it must look impressive and also be functional and secure. A great website can be the edge you have over your competition. A well designed website makes client transactions and business operations a lot easier. 

2) Employ a virtual receptionist. Being both the owner and the manager of your business entails a lot of responsibility. A virtual receptionist can help you take care of the small, routine tasks like checking emails and responding to clients’ questions. This will allow you to use your energy and time on profit-generating tasks.

3) Sell your products through your website. Your sales margin can increase if customers are able to purchase your product online.  It will also boost your business’ credibility.


4) Get a business email address. A business email with a gmail or yahoo extension doesn’t look professional. Get an email address that includes your domain name.

5) Be a part of trade shows. Trade shows offer an opportunity for you to engage with your target customers and sell your products to them directly. You can also build valuable relationships with suppliers and other exhibitors through trade shows. Read this infographic from SK Displays to learn more about the many benefits of trade shows.

6) Spend money on your packaging.  Good packaging can be an advertisement in itself and will encourage future sales. Consumers love quality products that are neatly packed. Use your packaging to introduce other products posted in your Instagram or Facebook account.

7) Work with big companies. Look for opportunities to team up with big businesses that might need your product or service. Also, sponsor a charity event or a community project which you’re passionate about. People love to patronise businesses which are aware of their social responsibilities.

Projecting your business as bigger than its actual size is a wise strategy  and will often lead to increased sales. However, remaining relatively small is also important for maintaining good customer relations and efficiently providing quality products or services. Therefore learn to strike a good balance between sound strategy and solid business ethics.

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