Ending a Business Partnership - Four Signs You Need to Know

Business partnerships, ideally, are established to make business operations and management a lot easier. Since not all business partnerships are made in heaven, some entrepreneurs choose to endure all responsibilities on their own. Are you having troubles with your business partnership? Here are four signs you need to know.


Lack of good communication - Do you end up arguing or fighting when business concerns are brought up? Heated arguments are a sign that you're no longer seeing eye to eye with your business partner. When you can't  communicate clearly and openly, current problems will remain unresolved and new problems  will arise. 


Lack of trust in each other's decision-making - There's no perfect strategy in making decisions when it comes to business concerns. You can make use of whatever system you and your partners have agreed upon. You simply need to trust each other's decisions in the event that you're carrying out resolutions individually. Otherwise, you will end up competing, if not fighting, against each other.


Difference in your plans - Are there differences in your business plans? Do you plan to achieve your business goals in five years but your partner want them done in 10 years? Does your partner refuse or reject the valuable changes you need to make for the improvement of your business operations? If your answer to both questions is yes, you might want to evaluate whether you and your partner are on the same page of your business plan. 


Lack of defined roles - Roles and responsibilities have to be clearly defined between you and your partner. This will keep your duties from overlapping and your egos from clashing. If you find yourself redoing the things your business partner have  previously accomplished, there could be a serious problem with the distribution of roles and responsibilities between the two of you. This can lead to a big problem if not to the downfall of your business



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