The Good and The Bad of TV as an Advertising Tool

Ever since TV was invented, it has been used by different businesses to advertise their products and services. TV provide an opportunity for marketers to reach a mass audience. Because of this, advertisers worldwide, spend billions of dollars every year on TV advertising. It has many advantages, apart from a powerful impact and a wide audience reach. However, it also has certain limitations that affects its effectiveness.

Convenience and flexibility - TV can reach millions of viewers internationally and nationally with ease. It is very popular because of its flexibility to use various approaches - combinations of audio, video and text. All these can target the audience's emotions and subconsciousness - making TV a perfect communicator of different ad messages.


Lasting impact - TV ads use audio and visual effects that have a lasting impact on the viewers. Advertisers combine colors, sounds, drama and motion to ensure that their message is strong and persuasive. Attractive models, elaborate sets, enchanting graphics and audio-visual effects are other elements that enhance the impact of TV ads on audiences.


Mass coverage - Most households own television sets. Cable networks, 24-hour programs and satellite channels have further increased television viewership in every country. This TV ads a substantially lucrative means of business promotion.


Intrusive - Many viewers consider TV ads as intrusive and so they avoid they avoid ads as soon as they appear on screen. When TV ads are on, viewers do something else away from the TV. Somehow, this lessens the effectiveness of TV advertising. Some TV owners even use devices that can block advertisements when TV programs are aired.


High costs - TV ads cost higher than other forms of ads. Moreover, quality TV ads are expensive to produce. Airtime costs are equally high. A 30-second ad could cost you a minimum of $100,000. 


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