Best Business Ideas for Teenagers

photo credit: jewelry from home
photo credit: jewelry from home

Many of the successful entrepreneurs known worldwide started as teenage business men and women. For most teenagers, doing something creative and profitable can be very challenging. It's because coming up with ideas that will work isn't always easy. Are you - or some teenager you know - caught in the same dilemma? Here are ten ideas that can keep your creative juices flowing and help you start with your small business today.


Blogging - Are you an expert in a particular area? Yes, you read that question right. Even if you're only a teenager, you can be an expert in your own field. For example, you can be an expert in social media, high school algebra, cheer leading, volunteer work or what have you. Setup a blog about your expertise and get people to read your thoughts and tips. You can make money out of your blog through affiliate programs that will pay you when people click through from your blog to their sites and make a purchase.


Jewelry Making - Got a creative flare? Why don't you try jewelry making? Starting a custom jewelry business doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you don't have the budget to attend seminars, read books relevant to the subject. You can even watch tutorial videos on YouTube and learn and practice on your own. Make it your goal to create attractive pieces out of quality materials so that you can acquire regular buyers.


Senior Citizens Errand Service - There are senior citizens in every neighborhood. Most of them need help in their daily or weekly errands. The errands you’ll run can range from grocery shopping to picking up dry cleaning and going to the post office. You might need a car to provide these services for them. If you just walk or ride a bike, there are other things which you can do for them like washing the car, making minor repairs, or helping out with yard work. Apart from earning extra cash from serving seniors,  this kind of business can help you feel good for helping someone in need.


Yard Service - Lawn mowing isn't  exclusive for summer. You can offer your lawn mowing service any time of the year. You can also start out by mowing lawns in the summer and clearing snow in the winter. This will help you have a steady source of income all through out the year. Save your earnings and think of ways to invest them on additional services you can provide. Trimming hedges, killing weeds, and planting flowerbeds are just a few of the services you could add, without spending much at all on additional equipment.  

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