The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur who's looking into growing your business, it would be best for you to understand first what type of an entrepreneur you are. Doing so will help you distinguish yourself from other entrepreneurs, know your distinct skills and discover your learning style. 

The Traditional Entrepreneur - People who fall under this category are the owners of businesses that have been around for many years; restaurants, shops, carpenters, hair dressers, mechanics and other companies that help the local community function. 


The Growth Potential Entrepreneur - Growth potential entrepreneurs work with software development, applications for smart phones and tablets, consulting, communication and marketing, development of medical equipment, business intelligence. The really good ones are scalable. 


The Project-Oriented Entrepreneur - These are men and women who are well-educated entrepreneurs and they work with tasks close to their education. For example: translation, design of concepts, or exhibitions at museums. They are graphic designers, authors, psychologists, film makers, textile designers.


The Lifestyle Entrepreneur - People who fall under this category don't have an education as a basis for starting the company. It is a "con amora business” meaning business for love of the idea or service. Life style entrepreneurs might be glass artists, children’s book authors, painting therapists, life coaches or aura interpreters. 


Here are the  ways by which each of the entrepreneur types acquire knowledge to improve their own businesses.


The Traditional Entrepreneur - He gets the knowledge he needs through practical work in the business and talking to colleagues and other people he trusts. He likes to learn about some business issues; and not the strategic part of doing business. He wants to learn about the practical stuff like: How to do accounting, customs regulations, minimizing paying tax and other rules which the government imposes on entrepreneurs.


The Growth Potential Entrepreneur - The growth potential entrepreneur will investigate the cause of any problem and then search for the solutions. He will search the internet or in reference books. He will also find specialists in that specific area. He wants brief and concise seminars on solving problems and learning other stuff. Then, he moves onto the next challenge. 


The Project-Oriented Entrepreneur - He focuses on his own desire for personal as well as professional development rather than having to gain revenue for the company. He acquires business knowledge by participating in different courses. To him, the more courses the better. He doesn't settle for the internet, he seeks coaching and counselling to solve problems constructively.


The Lifestyle Entrepreneur - He goes to courses and other gatherings where he has the opportunity to listen and to have discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs. It is important for the life style entrepreneur to get as much knowledge as possible. Moreover, he likes events and participates in online forums to discuss his products or services.

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    coaches (Sunday, 23 April 2017 08:05)

    this blog is very helpful for business guidance.


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