A Quick Overview on Identifying the True Cost of App Creation

Mobile apps are important in the growth of any business. They are effective sources of website traffic - causing an increase in advertising opportunities and a boost in sales. Statistics show that a huge percentage of online purchases were made through mobile apps in the past decade; and there are no signs that this trend will be slowing down in the future. 


Because of this forecast, many entrepreneurs are desperate to have mobile apps created for their businesses. However, some entrepreneurs are hesitant about jumping on the bandwagon, since app development is quite costly. Are you caught in the same dilemma? Here are some factors which you must consider to make the most cost-effective decisions about your business app development.


First of all, you should decide on the type of mobile app your business needs. Do you need an app for internal users or external users? Apps for internal users are easier and cheaper to create because they’re intended to function on a single platform. If you’re aiming to create an app for external users, you should make sure that it will work across all mobile devices and platforms. You need to decide which operating systems you’ll support and how you’ll support cross-platform apps during the planning stage.


After deciding on the mobile app type, you ought to set your priorities straight. You will then have to choose between two priorities when it comes to app creation - speed or quality. If you want a shorter development timeline, you should be ready to spend more than the actual cost of app development, which is already expensive. But if you want to cut your expenses to the minimum, you need to be ready to wait for a longer turnout time.


Other elements that might require you to have a bigger budget for your app development project include enterprise system integration, distribution channels and the need for continued maintenance and enhancements.  An app can either be stand-alone or integrated within an enterprise system. A stand-alone app costs less because it doesn’t require enterprise data, an enterprise system or corporate access. The expense of creating it will be restricted to app development only. On the other hand, an enterprise-integrated app requires web services, data access, a host system app and other integration tools. If you need such an app, you must have a big enough budget to cover all these expenses.


As soon as your mobile app is created, it will be made available to your target market through distribution channels. Distribution channels don’t provide their services free-of-charge. Identify the appropriate channel for your app distribution needs so you can keep your costs down. Commercial channels like iTunes and Google Play may charge a hundred dollars for developer license costs after apps have been qualified and approved by their hosts. On the other hand, mobile apps deployed to corporate app stores are available for installation to authorized users and devices only.


Finally, feedback from users will come in as soon as your app is deployed and downloaded. User feedback will include issues like enhancement requests and suggestions to improve the performance of your app. It is advisable to keep the same development team so that you can proceed with the improvements as quickly as possible. You might need to add thousands of dollars to your budget if your app requires a lot of refinement.

Careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors in mobile app development is important. This will keep you from losing your financial investments to a defective app that won’t be able to contribute your business’ growth.  

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