Five Negative Effects of Micromanagement


In a micromanaged working environment, a manager closely observes or controls the work of the employees. This is done to ensure that tasks are performed in a precise manner – the way the management wants the work done. While it spring from a positive intention, it usually causes more problem rather than improvements in productivity. There are other negative effects of micromanagement. Let's take a look.


Loss of trust - Micromanaged staff don't usually trust their managers. They simply focus on their jobs. Loss of trust can lead to decreased productivity and loss of employees. Your staff must be able to trust you as much as you trust them. Micromanagement destroys trust.


Dependent employees - Your staff will depend on everything you say since they want to make sure they'll do exactly want them to do. They won't have the confidence to perform tasks on their own. They will feel that they can no longer handle work without your guidance. Independent employees make use of their own skills, talents and insights that are unique to each of them. Independent employees contribute more to any business compared to micromanaged ones.


Lack of autonomy - Micromanaged employees lose their autonomy. Consequently, they will lose the desire to do anything apart from what you demand from them. They won't go the extra mile when performing a task and they won't take pride in what they do. Hence, they will be less fruitful in the workplace.


High turnover of staff -  Micromanaged employees often quit. Constant training and re-training of staff affect the company’s foundation and destroys its image and morale. 


Your own burnout - Micromanagement is exhausting. Getting into the details of almost everything will make you tired and restless faster. When you're burned out, you're most likely to treat your employees roughly. Micromanagement will affect your mental and physical health. So take the time to breathe and just let your employees carry on with their jobs independently.


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